Monday, June 14, 2010

EA Sports' new game controllers add zip to Wii titles

I'm very impressed with EA Sports' new solo shot game controllers. The game controllers are replicas of tennis rackets and a baseball bat, which I tried. There's also a golf club available.

The controllers include a wireless Wii remote and a rubberized grip that is easy to hold. The controllers are compatible with many popular Wii golf and tennis games and take the realism to a new level.

It's one thing to play tennis holding the "Wii-mote" like a tennis racquet. It's entirely another to actually hold a tennis racket.

I didn't get to try the golf club, but I think that could be the best of all, especially considering how good the Wii version of the Tiger Woods videogame already is.

I'd highly recommend these for any sports game lover.

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Bobby "Big Dill" Shmeckle said...

I think Wertz is pretty objective when it comes to the big 3 consoles. You little fellas need to unplug and venture out of mom n dad's house for a few hours.. Not everybody who talks or writes about videogames has a 'fanboy agenda'

Anonymous said...

Langston, can't find info on this product ANYWHERE. Is it released?

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