Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Countdown to iPhone 4: Apple's new OS makes old phone glimmer again

As most of you know, Apple will release its new cell phone, iPhone 4, on Thursday. Some shipments have been made to the more than half million people who ordered early. Some may get the new device on Wednesday.

Monday afternoon, Apple released the operating system that will run the new phone. It's called"iOS4," and users of most current Apple devices were able to upgrade. Apple says its adds more than 100 new features (click here for more info).

iPad owners will get the new operating system this fall.

The most current iPod Touches and iPhone 3GS users got almost all the new features, including multi-tasking, allowing you to have more than one app open at once. I have an older iPhone, the 3G, which is not powerful enough to support this feature, which is something I wanted. I like to go walking and would love to have AOL Radio or Pandora rolling at the same time as my iMapMyWalk app that tracks how far and how fast I'm going.

But the new OS includes a tap-to-focus camera and adds zoom. My 3G camera seems sharper and I like the 5x zoom. Email accounts now neatly appear together in one file (as some other phones already do), so you can choose to see all your email in one folder or in separate folders. Emails are now threaded, so you can much more easily follow one email conversation. Those of you who use Gmail are quite used to this neat addition.

I also liked the new folders add-on. If you have page after page of apps, you can now drop 12 apps into one folder. I have, um, a few games on my phone and now have them organized onto one page. I have news apps organized, utilities, music, etc. It's neat to have much quicker access.

Overall, I like the new OS, which also adds the new and popular iBooks reading store that was released with iPad a few months ago. I put the (free) King James Bible on mine and now when I go to church, I don't have to carry The Good Book with me.

We'll follow news on the iPhone 4 release in this space all week.


Robert said...

Langston, I added this to my 3GS this morning. It's really neat. But I want a faster phone like the 4 or the Sprint EVO. I'm on the fence. Can you compare the 2? Have you tried the 4 yet? I read your review of the Evo and almost bought.

Anonymous said...

Heh...you just have an excuse to be using your iPhone in church and if anyone gives you a look, you say you've got the good book on it, am I right?

Anonymous said...

Langston, good update here. I didn't know about the new OS. I'm updating my Touch and my 3GS. I want the new iPhone. I've tried the Droids and EVOs and they're just not as smooth as iPhone. They're good but not as good using them. I don't like AT&T much. What are you hearing about the phone maybe moving to Sprint? I could get two handsets 1500 landline minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile on any carrier with corp discount for 115. I pay 200 for the same now w/AT&T plus the pleasure of dropping calls

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about this!!! I'm going to plug into iTunes when I get home!

Anonymous said...

The HTC EVO 4G is still the best device on the market today. The iPhone 4 is nice but the EVO can do so much more. And when connected to 4G Wi-Max it really blows the iPhone away. Plus Sprint has a better netwok than AT&T and better pricing too. So if you want to have a better phone and not be an Apple fan-boy/girl like everyone else, get yourself an EVO.

Anonymous said...


BT keyboard connectivitny is NOT available for the iPhone 3G... just the 3GS and the 4.

also for some dumb reason no wallpapers for the home screen.


Langston Wertz Jr. said...

Anony 11:41 am., thanks. Didn't realize BT keyboard wasn't added for my creaky old phone. I edited main blog. That explains why it wouldn't work. I'm really jealous of those that get it.

Anony 10:58, I'm trying out an EVO as we speak. I wrote about it last week (http://langstonwertz.blogspot.com/2010/06/is-sprints-evo-4g-smart-phone-new-king.html)

As for how it compares to i4, until we get the new Apple device in our hands, away from the store and away from the demos, it's hard to know.

Hopefully I'll be able to test both soon.

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