Thursday, June 17, 2010

DirecTV offers bonus U.S. Open Golf Coverage this week

As it has done at recent golf and tennis major championships, DirecTV is broadcasting bonus U.S. Open golf coverage on Channels 701-705. The coverage is offered in standard and high-definition.

Viewers can watch the network broadcast, a featured group (think Phil and Tiger), coverage of play at holes 7 and 17 or play at hole No. 18

Mix Channel viewers will see the home network channel and three feature channels that will follow a group of golfers around the 7,040-yard course, focus on particular area of the course and provide an “in-depth” channel with live updates, highlights and interviews.

Customers with interactive receivers can view all four channels in the Mix and use their remote to listen to any channel’s audio or tune directly to the full-screen channel. The Mix also features a real-time leaderboard.

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