Tuesday, October 05, 2010

2KSports in talks for NFL2K13, competiton for Madden

According to a published report from GoFanBoy, 2KSports has approached the NFL about a licensing deal to create a football simulation in 2013.

EA Sports' exclusive agreement with the league for its Madden franchise is set to expire, reportedly, in 2012.

2K hasn't made a football game since the critically acclaimed NFL2K5 five years ago and recently released its new NBA simulation, NBA2K11, which I think is one of the best videogames of its generation.

If nothing else, it would be interesting to see what type of football game 2KSports could produce and it would also push EA Sports to work harder on the Madden series, which I think has been consistently good.

Stay tuned.


KidWonderz said...

2K sports games have been terrible through the years. The animation and overall gameplay is no where near EA sports.

Anonymous said...

Please...have you played a 2k sports game lately..NO! they are the best hands down

Anonymous said...

KidWonderz you are an idiot. 2k Football is the best football real simulation ever made. Madden is still behind nfl2k5, a 6 year old game! Madden is horrible. I mean HORRIBLE.

Page A Saunders said...


Is an indiot WTF is he smoking lol he obviously does not know what gaming is.. But if this is true and they are able to make a game by next year OOOOOO boy we got a great game to play trust me!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the deal goes through. Madden has been going through the motions for too long now. NFL2K5 is still a better football experience than any Madden game. Madden may look better because of the HD graphics, but the gameplay, tackling physics, AI and even the animations themselves aren't as good as 2k5 was, which is sad. This is what happens when a big company buys out the competition...the quality suffers and they get fat on reputation and the fact that there's no competition to give them a run for their money. EA panicked when 2K5 came out because it scored higher in critic ratings than Madden, and it was priced lower. Madden crapped their pants that 2K6 might dethrone the so called Football king of video games, so they inked a deal with the NFL so no one could threaten their title.

Can you imagine what kind of cars we'd be driving if one company were able to purchase the rights to be the only auto maker in the world. Everything would look the same and nothing would improve because there's no reason to fear the competition. Get ready Madden, because if 2K13 gets produced, you might actually have to work hard and improve your game.