Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Spider Man Shattered Dimensions" worth a try

This is like four mini-adventures in one, plus more Peter Parker one-line cracks than many fans will be able to take.

Really, it does kind of get old.

"I break pots," Peter says at one point. "It's what I do."


Luckily, the game just rocks.

The game begins with Spider Man battling with Mysterio when they break something called the Tablet of Order and Chaos.

This causes reality to split. To restore order, a clairvoyant named Madame Web reaches out to the Spider Man of each reality to help restore order. Along the way, you'll face off with famous Spidey villains like Green Goblin and Sandman. And you get to play as a future Spider in 2099, today's guy and two others.

Basically in each world, you have to work your way through a series of battles, while saving civilians along the way. It's kind of easy at first. Walk into a room and stop the enemy threat there, but when you get to the big enemies, the bosses, things get tougher.

Of course, how well you do is really about how well you learn the button-mashing combos that allow you to unleash your powers.

I enjoyed playing with Spider Man of today and tomorrow (with the flying cars and neon colors). But I enjoyed the "Noir" version

In the 1930s Depression era, Peter Parker kind of handles business like Batman, doing his work behind the scenes with a much higher degree of stealth than we're used to seeing from Your Friendly Neighborhood Web Slinger.

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