Monday, October 11, 2010

Nike's new Machspeed driver to hit stores next month

If you're a golfer who loves gadgets, you've got to love fall. That's when all the golf companies show off what their R&D departments have been cooking up all summer.

Nike today announced its new SQ MACHSPEED black driver, due Nov. 26. It is available with a round or square 460 cc head. It's designed to reduce air drag and has a deep face to still give golfers good distance on off center hits. It also has a lightweight shaft to increase swing speed.

Nike said it designed the head with a tall club face that tapers quickly, to increase forgiveness. All this results in a club with a slightly lower ballflight than last year's MACHSPEED model and one that spins less. That means your ball won't curve as much.

Men's lofts are available in 8.5 to 11.5. Women get an 11.5 and a high launch. MSRP is $359.99


Anonymous said...

Where is the USB port?

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