Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toast Titanium 10 is must have for Mac users

The best about Sonic's new Toast Titanium 10 Pro for the Mac is its ease of use. But before we begin, you must have Mac OSX 10.5 or later (this is Apple's operating system, it's version of Windows, if you will).

The program is designed to work with Apple's killer iLife '09 suite of programs that includes DVD authoring and burning software, web designing software and photo manipulating and handling tools.

Toast 10, which supports Blu-Ray, can also instantly download and convert flash video from YouTube. Firefox can do this with a free add-on, but Toast will convert the file in the background and have it ready to burn to disc (or transer to a TiVo or portable device) for you instantly.

One of the coolest features, to me, was how you can back up the original footage from your high def camcorder (the kind with the hard drive built inside) using the program. You don't have to move your files from the camcorder to computer anymore, which was a time-consuming step.

You can also use Toast to extract clips from your DVDs (not encrypted ones, though).

The best thing is the interface. You move the files you want into the Toast window, whether they are data or music or video, put in your media and click burn. Done.

Some of the new features include:

-- Extract clips from any DVD-Video and convert to the format of your choice.

-- Save web video from your favorite video sharing sites to enjoy on TV and on-the-go Archive AVCHD camera footage to DVD or BD media with a single click

-- Stream and watch television programs, such as EyeTV recordings and TiVoToGo transfers on your iPhone or iPod touch over Wi-Fi with the new iPhone native application Streamer

-- Build your MP3 library with automatic capture and tagging of Internet audio
Convert audiobook CDs for playback on your iPod

-- Transfer standard definition and HD video from your Mac to your TiVo DVR to enjoy on your TV

If all that sounds like technobabble to you, don't worry, this program is super simple to use and will definitely enhance your experience with your Mac. For me, this is a must have for the Apple computer. I grade it an A plus.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's simple to use at all. E.g. I'm looking for the way to restore split .toast files and it's nowhere explained.

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