Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your Harris Teeter VIC card on your iPhone?

Got emails from quite a few of you today who have successfully installed a new iPhone app that brings up your store rewards card codes on the screen.

This lets you take off those old bending plastic VIP cards off your keychain.

The new app, called CardStar, lets users store and retrieve these cards right on the iPhone or iPod touch so they be scanned directly from your screen.

There are nearly 200 merchants supported.


Virtuous said...

I just discovered this and LUV it!!

viagra online said...

Harris Teeter VIC card on my iPhone? it sounds almost impossible how do you do that so easy ? you are my hero !

pharmacy said...

A very interesting application, I have hear that apple wanted to make the iphone a everyday tool, to hold your id, credit cards, bills, reminder, etc etc

Joseph said...

Is it really possible to get business card in iphone in order to share with others?
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