Friday, January 14, 2011

Details on next iPhone (iPhone 5) and iPad (iPad 2) leak

Engadget reports some big rumors on the expected iPhone 5 and iPad 2 due later this year:

First the iPad 2:

-- Engadget sources say the iPad 2 will come out around April and will be thinner with a new screen technology that is a lot like iPhone 4's excellent "Retina" display.

Sources say the size will remain the same, around 10 inches, and front and rear cameras will be added along with a dedicated SD slot built in (but no USB port).

The device will also feature a new chipset that features the technologies that power AT&T and Verizon wireless products (GSM for AT&T; CDMA for Verizon). The new chipset, the blog reports, will be made by Qualcomm.

This will allow Apple to make one iPad that will work for Verizon and AT&T (and possibly Sprint, too, since Sprint and Verizon both use CDMA).

Now the iPhone 5

-- For all of you who are anxiously waiting to buy the current iPhone 4 in a few weeks on Verizon, just know there's a strong possibility Apple will deliver a new phone in June. Engadget says to expect a completely redesigned model, one that's being secretly tested by senior staff at Apple.

The new device will use a multi-core chip that will double its processing power. It will also run multiple wireless technologies but there was no word on whether it would work with Verizon and AT&T's new 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks.

-- Engadget also reported its sources saying a new Apple TV will process 1080p video easily, something the current model won't do.


Rudy James said...

Langston, is there something in your contract that precludes you from mentioning TMobile in your tech blogs? You mention the iPad could possibly run on Sprint b/c it's runs on CDMA but TMobile is on GSM and has a solid network as well, I'd argue better than AT&T overall and better than Sprint in the Charlotte market. btw, I tweeted you on the same issue - TMO, not the iPad - earlier this week. @ImaPone24

Rudy James said...

I know TMO isn't Butler, but at least give TMO some Charlotte Catholic-esque props!

Woz said...

Highly unlikely there will be a rear camera. Most at Apple think taking pictures with an iPad is idiotic. The front camera is needed for Facetime, but don't hold your breath on the rear one.

Anonymous said...

The rear camera is for Facetime as well, although you'll be able to take a picture with it if you so desire. It's used with Facetime so the person you are talking to can "see what you see."

Anonymous said...

The one thing not mentioned is Apple is going to get rid of the round "home" button at the bottom of each device. This will help reduce the size, or make the screen a little larger in the iPhone 5. You will be able to use simple finger movements to get back to your home page instead.

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