Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TW Cable adds new HD Channels

Time Warner Cable has been on a roll adding HD channels, playing catch up to offerings from satellite services.

TWC added six more HD channels today and says it offers more than 120 currently.

These are channels added today:

Nickelodeon HD
Spike TV HD
Disney XD HD
Showtime Next HD
Showtime Women HD

For a complete list of all HD channels visit


Anonymous said...

HD is overrated. A reason to bump up prices. I don't subscribe to paid TV anyways. OTA Baby!

Anonymous said...

Why is this a big deal? These channels have been available on DirecTV for a while now. It's about time TWC starts catching up. Now, if they would add NFL Network and NFL Red Zone to their regular and HD lineups, that would be worth writing about.

Anonymous said...

where is FoxSoccerHD? WGN HD?

WashuOtaku said...

LOL... can't satisfy everyone.

Anonymous said...

Screw TW, if you can't get or want satellite, go with ATT Uverse!

connan said...

I am a DISH Network employee and I know that DISH has had theses stations in HD for a while as well and DISH customer do not have to pay for HD programming. DISH Network has more HD channels than any other provider! Check this out at

connan said...

DISH Network carries more and better variety of HD programming then TWC does and they offer it free. Being a DISH customer and employee I can tell you there are eight new additional HD channel DISH Network added to there line up: EPIX, Nat Geo Wild, Style, Turner Classic movies, History International, G4, and HLN. Check it out