Saturday, January 22, 2011

Verizon's first iPhone commercial hits the air: "It begins"

Remember when Droid Does took swipes at the iPhone? Now iPhone appears to be Verizon's feature phone.

Here's big Red's first i-commercial, essentially thanking subscribers for waiting for it.


Anonymous said...

Now Verizon can also thank me for waiting by dropping the price of their iPhone like AT&T just did.

Anonymous said...

AT&T dropped the price of the iphone 3G... the 4G is the only one that will work on Verizon, and it is still expensive.

Kat said...

Personally I'll stick with AT&T. I don't need my iPhone to act as a WiFi HotSpot - I have a fully wireless home for that - but I do like my iPhone to be able to utilize voice and data apps simultaneously, as this is a must in my line of work.

Don't expect the Verizon iPhone to have the battery life of its AT&T counterpart, folks - it's long been proven that GSM phones tend to have a significantly longer battery life than their CDMA counterparts.

Plus 4G on Verizon, please don't make me laugh - there is no such thing as TRUE 4G yet. It's just a faster 3G, and when Verizon speeds their network up maybe they'll finally be comparable to AT&T in that aspect. Verizon laughed when AT&T had network issues due to the iPhone's incredible popularity - well guess what. Once the Verizon iPhone becomes available, Verizon will find themselves the butt of the very same jokes they lobbed at AT&T. Just watch. said...

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