Monday, January 18, 2010

Apple announces "event" for Jan. 27: Tablet? New iPhone?

On the same day that Verizon and AT&T both announced rate plan reductions, Apple announced a Jan. 27 "event" at 1 p.m. in San Francisco.

The event is titled "come see our new creation."

Of course, that creation is widely expected to a new tablet computer that will have a 10-inch screen and allow users to surf the internet, read full color magazines and newspapers, play games and watch live video. It'll also run apps from Apple's uber-popular App Store.

Fox News is reporting that the event will include the tablet debut, new iPhone 4.0 software and Apple's new iLife 2010 software suite. Expect the rumor mills to run wild before this announcement. There's already reports of a 22-inch touchscreen iMac home computer.

Not sure what Apple has planned, but the expectations for the tablet are very high. This hardware, if it's real, could have a similar impact on the tech community as iPhone did. It's something to watch out for.


Anonymous said...

iphone is skynet


Anonymous said...

I can't get all that excited about the prospect of a tablet from Apple. Or anyone else, for that matter. Don't get me wrong, I love new tech stuff, but I guess I'm looking at it from a "what's the point?" way of thinking. I mean, if I'm going portable, I'd just buy a new laptop.

Anonymous said...

I read on the newspaper about 3 months ago that The contract between AT&T and Apple (Iphone)will expire sometime this year and there was a possibility of AT&T will not renew the contract. Does anyone knows anything about this?

TC said...

The Apple contract with AT&T expires at the end of June.

Anonymous said...

I'd just be happy if the announcement was that Verizon is launching iPhone.

bency said...

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