Monday, January 04, 2010

"God Mode' In Windows 7

Thanks to reader Larry L, who passed this onto me.

Apparently, Microsoft has put a power mode in its new Windows 7 OS. Using it allows you quick access to all kind of customizable and maintenance features in one place.

Just create a new folder name it something and enter a simple cut-and-paste code. Click here for more info


Algernon said...

That was available in Vista. But it WOULD crash Vista 64 bit. Not sure about Windows 7 64bit.

Regardless a great tip!

andrew said...

why would you need a mode to be able to customize everything?

that is why i got a Mac

Anonymous said...

So you can pay three times as much for less computer?

Anonymous said...

"The list provides a handy way of accessing setting for things such as the Windows Firewall, Windows Update, user accounts, printers and power saving in a single window."

I already have that. It's called Control Panel.