Tuesday, January 26, 2010

McGraw Hill CEO confirms Apple tablet; official announcement Wednesday

In a video interview with CNBC today, McGraw Hill CEO Terry McGraw said Apple's new tablet, that will be introduced Wednesday, will support its vast library of e-books. McGraw said 95 percent of his company's materials are on e-book format. He predicts the tablet will be a hit in the higher education and professional markets.

"The tablet," he said, "is going to be terrific."

Other than that somewhat solid piece of news, rumors continue to make the rounds as Apple gets ready to unveil its device Wednesday in San Francisco.

There are rumors that the iPhone will open up to multiple mobile carriers in addition to a Tablet announcement.

Other blog and print rumors have the tablet with extra long battery life, sub $500 pricing and auto-updating content. Most analysts believe it'll run iPhone apps out of the box and believe it will be offered by multiple carriers with a data plan.

The official news is almost here. The wait is almost over.


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If iPhone opens up to other carriers, I'm so outta there. Buh-bye AT&T, hello Verizon - home, sweet, home.

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