Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spider Man 4 scrapped, series to get 'reboot'?

Looks like Columbia pictures is killing its planned "Spider Man 4" movie, firing director Sam Raimi and stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. And they're doing all this to send Peter Parker back to high school.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a big risk.

In case you missed it, the first three Spider Man films, which picked up with Parker in college and later proposing marriage to girlfriend Mary Jane, grossed more than $2.5 billion worldwide at the box office alone, not to mention DVD sales and video game tie-ins.

Anticipation of a fourth film, with Spider Man battling the Vulture, was quite high. But some of these series reboots have worked in the past. The Batman series was rescued from silliness with the most recent two films, which have explored Bruce Wayne's darker side, for example.

Now, we get Spider Man going after the "Smallville" and "Twilight" teen crowd. Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin will produce the film along with Marvel Studios. Expect a 2012 release. The studio said the film will focus on Parker as a teenager struggling to deal with normal teen problems and superpowers (and no jokes about the CW network here, either).


Anonymous said...

Dumb. There has not been enough time since the last movie for a "reboot". The "Star Trek" reboot didn't occur until almost 15 years after the last movie featuring the original "Star Trek" cast, and the "Batman" reboot was at least ten years after "Batman & Robin". For Sony to be rebooting "Spider-Man" THIS quickly indicates sheer desperation on their part.

Anonymous said...

Perfect news,As someone stated earlier,Peter should only be in High-school or stick with that angle for the first 2 movies,Maybe one and a half to develope his relationship with Gwen and have M.J. as only a close friend/neighboor until he starts to realize there could be something there.

All the while dealing with Flash and other bullies he encountered and how much he asked and did research on his parents, learning his dad was a genius etc.

Make no Mistake however,MARVEL/SONY WILL NOT,I'll type it again,WILL NOT turn this into twighlight for superhero's nor will they turn it into a vehicle for any up and coming disney musical star's.Disney may have a merger with Marvel on their hands but they dont control the decisions of Sony Pictures and who they want to run their vision,which is part of the reson they are rebooting this crappy franchise before Spidey 4 turns out to be the next Batman & Robin.Because if that were to happen the movie would certainly tank and Sony would end up giving the Spidey rights to disney,and that ladies and gentlemen was going to happen with the proposed Spiderman 4.

A Origin story is in order because there is so much depth to this character's that was NOT addressed in the previous 3 crap-fest feed to us by Laimi.

The franchise can go on for as long as its successful with the possibilities much like 007 has been going for 30 something years.

Ive also heard alot of people call the symboites weak and uninteresting,I agree with the depth of some of those characters but not when Peter had the black suit,They tore that legacy up and ruined everything that goes with it,Peter dang near killed The Rhino while wearing that suit and had major issues and changed the character of Spiderman forever after that,which was the biggest dis-appointment of that movie.

For all the people saying they are done with the Franchise because its getting a reboot,your not Spiderman fans to begin with(espically if you liked Sam Laimi's take on it,Hell the Spedrman movies of the 70's were better with the exception of Dr. Otto) and you WILL go see this once it's done,If you dont there are younger fans of Spidey being born everyday and their wait in line wont be slowed down by you.

It's all a WIN/WIN for us true Spiderman fans on this one webheads.;)

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Unlike some other films that expose ugly social issues and walk away without cleaning up the mess. Spiderman is up close and personal and soldiers on. Unfortunately... it is too much ahead of its time, or perhaps any time.