Thursday, January 14, 2010

Verizon about to reduce wireless plan costs?

According to several internet reports, Verizon Wireless is planning some big changes to its wireless plans next week.

There will be new names for plans, and decreased costs across the board, but the big news appears to be a 30 percent decrease in the price for the Unlimited plans. If the reports are true, Big Red's unlimited plan with voice, data and text will go for $119.98, compared to chief rival AT&T Wireless, which charges $99 for unlimited minutes (compared to Verizon's new $69.99 price point), plus $30 per month for unlimited messaging and data.

Sprint offers a $99 plan with unlimited minutes, texting and data. T-Mobile has a similar plan for $79.99.

Let the price wars begin.


Anonymous said...

I'll believe it when I see it...

They already gouge you with huge "processing fees" when you renew your plan.

Processing fees, service fees and the like should be outlawed.

I'm coming in to YOUR business to potentially renew or buy services and you are allowed to charge extra forrrrr...doing your job? Selling your products?

It's a ripoff.

Anonymous said...

Verizon certainly is not Family friendly. We do not have to have texting, but we have phones for the whole family including my mother. They need to lower the price the more lines you have and what about customer loyalty.
What about product reliablity. The batteries do not seem to last so you are forced to buy a 40 or50 dollar battery or get a new phone. Where as they renew your contract for 2 years.

Wade said...

Verizon has good coverage and good service, but you pay for it. If AT&T really wanted to strike back at Verizon's hissy for not having the iPhone, they would run a commercial with these words (referring to Verizon) "There's a charge for that." For example: "Want a ringtone from a song you already bought? There's a charge for that." What Verizon does to their phones and the fees they levy on top of it are the reasons why I will never get Verizon. I'll never get Sprint because Sprint can't do 1G right, much less 3rd generation and 4th generation. That leaves me, unfortunately, with AT&T and T-Mobile. Ugh ... I wish Verizon never bought Altell.

Anonymous said...

This is why after many years of trying out many different companies, we have Virgin Mobile.

Their phones are comparably inexpensive, their plans are a little better priced, and best of all, their customer service has remained wonderful.

Thank you but no contracts for me.