Thursday, June 18, 2009

Demo for NCAA Football out today

EA Sports NCAA Football 10 drops July 14, but the company put out a free demo on Xbox Live and the PlayStation store today. The demo shows off new features like:

§ Defensive Keys—Prior to the snap during the pre-play, hold the left trigger while pressing the analog stick in the direction you think will stop the run. If you think the offense will pass the ball, press upward. Or, you can press the icon associated with a receiver (X, Y, A, B, LB, RB) to spotlight that individual. This will focus the defense on making sure that the chosen offensive player does not make a play.

§ Defensive Player Assist—By holding A (on 360) or X (on PS3) on defense your player will be put under CPU control so you have time to read a play and decide the best course of action.

§ Enhanced Defensive Lineman Moves—With new animations, take control of your defensive linemen using the right stick to fight pass blocks and put pressure on the quarterback.

§ Gameplanning—There are six defensive and five offensive individual game planning options, or you can globally set your offense and defense. Each option changes the way your team will perform. For example, be aggressive and try and strip the ball every time and you run the risk of getting more facemask penalties.

§ Player Lock—Player lock allows you to lock on to a specific player in order to control that position during the play. When you lock on you'll get a whole new camera angle that puts you closer to the action.

§ Set Up Plays—Set up plays allows you to run one play in order to set up another. When picking a play, you will notice that some plays have a chain link between them, which indicates that one play can set up the other. Every time you use one particular play throughout the game, you are setting up for the play that is chain linked to it. Once the play is 100% set up (as shown in your playbook), the defense is at its highest likelihood to fall for that play action.

§ 1000 new animations like throw out of a sack, new shotgun snaps/hand-offs, WR/DB interactions, tackles, double team run blocks, catches, broken tackles, and slipping in bad weather.

You can also log into to create custom teams that can be shared and used in-game when the full product launches on July 14th. TeamBuilder is an all-new, online create-a-school feature that gives gamers the capability to upload logos and numerous customization options for uniforms, fields and rosters.

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