Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sony adds new motion controller

Following Microsoft's Project Natal announcement for totally hands free gaming, Sony has announced its own motion controller.

Sony's is a hand held device that resembles a wand with a ball at the end. It will use the PlayStation EyeToy to track the ball to capture motion as you play. It's due early next year. Sony says gamers will be able to write or draw using the wand, due to increased sensitivity.

You can easily imagine its application with things like baseball or sword-fighting games. Some publications who saw a live demo at E3 weren't too impressed with this early beta saying it was buggy and wasn't as seamless as Microsoft.

The guess here is that PlayStation will start marching onto Wii territory with its new toy and Microsoft may take gaming to new places and become the must-have unit. Talk about a comeback.


Anonymous said...

The guess here is that Langston is a 360 homer.

Probably should have mentioned that the Sony controller is in EARLY development stages, so chances are it won't look like the presentation yesterday.

Second, he forgot to mention that various reports said there was true "1-to-1" movement with the controller which was impressive.

I'm probably the only one who reads this blog...

MichaelProcton said...'s TOTALLY reasonable to say a controller-based system will "develop" to the point that it's better than a hands-free mocap system. Who'd be the "homer" then?