Sunday, June 21, 2009

Glass Joe is back and Wii Punch Out rocks

“Punch Out” ( ***1/2): Glass Joe is back. This was one of my favorite games on the old 8-bit Nintendo machine, and playing this boxing title with the Wiimote is realistic and fun. The premise is simple: You see your guy's hands and some big lug in front of you, and you trade blows. If you have a Wii Balance Board, you can also incorporate your feet into the gameplay; very cool. The new “3-D look” didn't really do much for me – it still pretty much looks like it used to. But that's fine. It's still one of my favorite titles of the year.

“The Legendary Starfy” ( **): This big Japanese hero is another Mario-like character, albeit one shaped like a star, who swims, jumps and bounces through a maze-like world defeating enemies. Starfy can morph into a dragon, a seal, a ghost or a chicken. It's well-done, but I just didn't really get it.

“Let's Tap” Nintendo Wii ( ***): Place your Wiimote on a flat, stable surface and simply tap it to make onscreen characters sprint, play songs, swim or paint. It's another one of those simple collections of minigames that will hook you quickly. Great family fun.

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Anonymous said...

I just rented Punch Out and I still like the old version better. The first fighter you have to fight, the French guy who keeps saying VIVA LA FRANCE! constantly is too annoying for me to ever rent or buy this game.