Saturday, June 06, 2009

Wolverine PS3 version claws its way to the top

Every big superhero movie needs a big video-game franchise to go with it, right? So Activision released this game to coincide with the Hugh Jackman movie of the same name.

I tried it on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and PlayStation 3, and I enjoyed the PS3 version most – in large part because of the superior graphics (very cool to see all the detail as Wolverine uses his famous powers of regeneration to come back after some particularly lethal attacks).

The game follows the movie pretty closely, tracing the origins of Wolverine. It's intense all the way, with fight after fight after fight. And the combos weren't as difficult to use as they are in other superhero games I've played.

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is also bloody – I wouldn't allow anyone under 16 near it – but it should be a big hit for Activision.

Zune HD coming in fall

In case you missed the recent big news, Microsoft is finally releasing a long-rumored HD version of its Zune handheld device this fall.

The Zune HD will be able to support up to 720 lines of resolution – although that power isn't unleashed unless you connect it to an HDTV using a special docking station on an HDMI cable. When you watch high-definition video on the Zune HD's otherwise beautiful touch screen display, the picture will be converted to 480 lines of resolution.

The Zune HD also comes with a Web browser, HD Radio and Wi-Fi compatibility. Users will be able to access TV and video content via Xbox Live.

Speaking of Xbox… no word on whether we'll be able to play games on the Zune HD. It should, since other handheld game systems – including the iPod Touch and Nintendo's new Dsi – are really touting their gaming features these days.

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