Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Playing videogames with no controller? Revolutionary.

The biggest videogame news in a long time came out Monday when Microsoft announced a new totally hands-free controller system called "Project Natal" (See video below).

Announced during Microsoft's annual E3 press conference, Project Natal allows gamers to use their hands to control Xbox 360 games and movies without touching a controller, a definite one-up to Nintendo's Wii-mote, which you hold in your hand to mimic real life motions.

Nintendo's motion-sensative controller has become so popular that non-gamers are buying Wiis and using them as Yoga stations and other types of workout machines as well as gaming systems. The controller is key. Want to throw a ball? Hold the controller and make a throwing motion.

In Microsoft's new world you can do the same thing, but without holding the controller. If this works, it'll be the biggest videogame breakthrough since the original PlayStation introduced us to realistic looking graphics.

No one is sure when Natal will be available and what games it will work with. Microsoft officials did say the new motion-control system would work with every Xbox 360, but didn't commit backwads compatibility (which I doubt we'll see). You can expect to see costs in the $100 range.

I'm very anxious to see where this goes. The demo video below shows the system talking to you using voice recognition software and people turning off the system using their voice.

This is very exciting, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I don't believe they have the capability to include half the options that they are advertising. I highly doubt the system will respond and perform as well as they tried to portray in the video. We'll see. If they pull it off, it may well be the biggest advancement in video gaming this decade.

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